Friday, March 21, 2008

Update on Selam from Ethiopia

This report was sent from Rachael, our social worker in Ethiopia this week.
Sounds like she's ready for us.

3.21.2008 Personality and Development Update

Selam had two other girlfriends leave the transition home this week, so she has been sad at their absence. Since the departures of her friends that have been here with her from the beginning, Selam’s personality is showing a different side to it. She’s become a real leader of the rest of the children, and it is obvious that she enjoys being in charge and being the spokesperson for the group. She loves to teach them the alphabet and various English words…she is the one standing up front while they are sitting down facing her! Everyday Selam asks about her family in America, and seeing other adoptive families come only builds her excitement. Selam has a delightful personality, loves to be loved on, and is an all around good kid! As stated previously, Selam is a good mix between tomboy and girly. She loves playing with boys and wearing baseball hats....and then painting her nails and wearing headbands.

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