Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back From Ethiopia

Yes, We made it home and glad to be here. Ethiopia was a great experience. The people are wonderfull, kind and effectionate, which are all attributes of Selam. They'll always be a part of her. The poverty in Addis did get to me after awhile, but we needed to experience it to understand Selam's background. I have many pictures and will share more on my blog in a few days. Bob rose to the occassion as he always does, even after much reluctance. He took care of all the paperwork while I was there, working with the US and German embassy. He ate more of the Ethiopian food than I did without much difficulty. We ate, worked, bought from and danced with these wonderfull people and will always appreciate their culture.

After the 20 hrs. of traveling we're home today acquainting Selam with the house. She is very organized, clean, loves to do writing and reading. Her english is minimal, but she's eager to learn without frustration. We visited her orphanage of 60 children in a very small space enclosed by concrete walls with barbed wire fense. As I gave out 12 jump ropes, and taught them some new skills as they glowed with enthusiasm. I'll never forget their faces. Bob played a little soccer with the boys as I reminded him he has gotten what he always wanted: a team of orphans. I caught a glance occasionally from him and knew he was saying, "yes, we can only take home one".She cried when we left her much loved nannies at the orphanage, but has had no meltdowns since. It seems that she's only looking forward and is proud to say "I live in America"
I look forward to the time I have with her now and will be in touch.

The Lord's (Isaiah 44:1-6)

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