Sunday, April 6, 2008

Getting Ready to Travel April 26th

Yes, we've just heard we're supposed to have our flights set for April 26th.
Things are really starting to move now. We've been in the process since last March.
Kinda like a 12 month pregnancy. Friends at Clinton Elem. lavished me with gifts for Selam last week to prepare for her arrival. Their such a supportive bunch there, and Albion Elem. (the other school I work at) are planning a nice breakfast with us to get to know her after she comes because she will be attending there.

At home Erica has officially left the teen years by turning 20. The day before Tyler turned 18, so I have 2 very independent young adults in our family. We are so pround of their work ethic, goals and desire to serve the Lord. Our Children are all as anxious to add Selam to our family as we are. We're all ready to add her wonderfull Ethiopian culture to ours. The more we learn about Ethiopian history and culture the more we're excited to see her. Ross (our 14 yr. old) is our foreign language expert, being knowledgeable in French and learning languages, so He'll be a big help.

This week America World highlighted an interview with Selam on their blog.

The transition home now has an English teacher that can get them started before they head for their new families in America. He did this interview with her.

Rachel's Letters
April 02, 2008
Letter from Rachel
Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Transition Home HappeningsWe are happy to announce that we have hired a teacher at the transition home! His name is Michael…he is a Christian, fluent in English, and is in his third year of college in order to become a teacher. Michael will be coming four mornings a week and working with the children on their English, reading, writing, and Bible studies. It is our hope that this further prepares the children for their adoptive families.

Child Interview:
Life here from a 10-year old girl’s perspectiveWhat do you like about the Transition Home? I’m very happy living here. I like to play with the kids and the toys. I love all the staff and I don’t like it when some of them leave to go to their homes at night.

What is something you love to do? I love going to church.
I wish I could spend the whole Sunday there. I like learning lots of things. Last week we learned that we have to respect the things God has given us. Plus, after church we get to go to the pastry shop and eat cakes and drink orange soda.

What do you think America will be like?
(with a huge smile) I think the country is beautiful. I have seen pictures of the beach and lakes, but they also seem kinda scary.

Why are you excited about being adopted?
Because I love my adoptive family and I’m ready to see them.

What will you want your new family to know about Ethiopia?
I will tell them how much I love the people in Ethiopia. I can teach them about the cultural dresses and the food.

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